Internet Rights and Principles DC: Stocktaking statement IGF 2014  

The 2014 Istanbul IGF came at one of the most significant moments in the IRPC’s contribution to IGF outcomes since the coalition began its work with the IRPC Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet at the 2009 IGF meeting in Egypt. A very successful set of workshops in this week culminated with the IRPC meetings and workshops:

Workshop #276: Rights Issues for Disadvantaged Groups

This workshop set out to address particular challenges for disadvantaged groups in enjoying a “people centered, inclusive and development-oriented information society” on the Internet. And it proposed ways of meeting these challenges in support of universal access, effective use, and specialized services for disadvantaged populations that include: the physically disabled, non-technical and oral cultures, and the digitally disadvantaged within rural and remote communities.
Five participants were asked to make brief introductory statements indicating the context and circumstances for their own groups, focusing on specific cases and examples of how disability and/or marginalization affect access and use of the internet.

Workshop #99: Charting the Charter

This round table session explored the opportunities and challenges for upholding human rights standards on the internet using the IRP Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet ( In tandem with the session on Disabilities and Indigenous rights this session aims to:
Address a number of human rights – moving beyond freedom of expression and privacy – to consider the IRP Charter provisions for socio-economic rights, education, women’s rights and rights of the visually impaired in the online environment.
Provide an assessment of the implementation of human rights standards on the internet to date.
Feed recommendations in to the IRP Coalition initiative to create a final version of the IRP Charter (in terms of substance, process, and uses of the document in practice)

Internet Rights & Principles Dynamic Coalition – UN Internet Governance Forum: 2013 Annual Report

2013 In Review. This report is an overview of the IRP Coalition’s activities and output for 2013.
Summary: This year of activities and output around human rights for the online environment confirm the
(i) Formative work being done by the coalition on addressing Internet Governance Principles in a Human Rights framework that is based on international legal standards;
(ii) Proactive and substantive contributions to multistakeholder meetings on topics of the day such as surveillance and privacy (Lisbon EuroDIG Flash Panel), disability rights, and access issues for disadvantaged groups at the EuroDIG and 2013 IGF meetings
(iii) IRP Coalition’s substantive contributions to the first part of the WSIS+10 process as part of the UNESCO meeting outcomes
(iv) Cumulative positive effects of outreach and collaborative work the coalition has undertaken with other IGF Dynamic Coalitions (Gender DC, Public Access in Libraries DC, Accessibility and Disability DC) and other actors such as ICANN, the Council of Europe, eco (Germany), civil society networks such as the Internet Governance Caucus, Best Bits, Global Partners, and Hivos, and research networks such as Giganet and the Danish Institute for Human Rights.
(v) Increasing recognition of the role that the IRP Coalition has played and can continue to play in ongoing negotiations and consultations around internet governance principles and human rights in established UN based multistakeholder venues, and other domains such as regional IGFs, the Council of Europe, and ICANN.

IRPC Meeting Report- IGF 2012 Baku

Internet Rights and Principles Coalition Meeting Report 09.00-10.30, Friday 9th November (Day 4), Room 7
The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition is a network of individuals and organisations that is working to uphold human rights on the Internet, and to root Internet governance processes and systems in human rights standards. The Internet Rights and Principles Coalition was formed in response to a call for a Charter for Human Rights for the Internet. Over the past few years the IRP has created the Charter for Human Rights and Principles for the Internet – a document applying existing human rights standards to the Internet; and the 10 Internet Rights and Principles – a shorter advocacy document based on the Charter. The IRP had a fantastic meeting in Baku despite difficult circumstances (a Friday 9am slot and a clash with the first Human Rights Roundtable).

IRP Call -Egypt 2011

1st February 2011 The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition urges the Egyptian government to end the violation of the Egyptian people’s rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly by lifting restrictions on access to the Internet and other Information and Communication Technologies. Internet access has been shut down in Egypt. Mobile phone networks […]

Update Report, March 2010

The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition is working to uphold human rights on the internet and to root internet governance processes and systems in human rights standards. The dynamic coalition sets out to promote, and provide a space for, multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration.  We also aim to be an umbrella platform for facilitating collaboration […]

IRP Statement for the IGF Open Consultations, February 2010

Open Consultation IGF 2010 INTERNET RIGHTS & PRINCIPLES DYNAMIC COALITION Statement The comments below from the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition are our contribution to the Open Consultations for IGF 2010. Under each of the four themes below we take stock of IGF 2009 by offering practical suggestions for the format and planning of […]

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