Update Report, March 2010

The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition is working to uphold human rights on the internet and to root internet governance processes and systems in human rights standards.
The dynamic coalition sets out to promote, and provide a space for, multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration.  We also aim to be an umbrella platform for facilitating collaboration on human rights issues in the Internet Governance Forum process.
Members of the coalition work individually and in partnership to promote processes and instruments to frame and enforce rights on the Internet. More specifically, the coalition aims to:

  • Raise awareness of fundamental human rights and what they mean on the internet.
  • Discuss and anchor global public policy principles to preserve the openness of the internet and ensure that its continued evolution is framed by the public interest, through open and extensive stakeholder involvement.
  • Encourage all stakeholders to address issues of human and civil rights in policy-making, contributing to a people-centric discourse and policy formulation in the internet governance space.
  • Identify ways in which human rights can be applied to the Internet and other ICT technologies, and evaluate the applicability of existing formal and informal guidelines and regulatory frameworks.
  • Identify measures for the protection and enforcement of human rights on the internet, while pushing for people-centric issues and public interest based internet governance policy making.
  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of internet users and other stakeholders which, together with their rights, will serve to preserve and promote the public interest on the internet.

The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition was formed after the Hyderabad IGF in 2008, following a decision to merge the Internet Bill of Rights and Framework of Principles for the Internet coalitions.
Active Participants
The IRP coalition has over 130 registered participants, including members of the following institutions:

  • Government of Brazil, Ministry of Culture
  • Government of Italy, Ministry of Reform and Innovation in the Public Administration
  • Government of France, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
  • Swiss Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM)
  • (Advisor to) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina
  • Google Inc.
  • Centre for Technology and Society of Getulio Vargas Foundation School of
    Law, Brazil
  • IP Justice, United States
  • Società Internet (ISOC Italy), Italy
  • Free Software Foundation Europe
  • Committee for a Democratic United Nations, Germany
  • Institute of International Law, University of Graz, Austria
  • Net Dialogue Project, Universities of Harvard and Stanford, United States
  • Global Partners and Associates, UK

Please visit our website for more information: http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/
To join our mailing list please click here: http://lists.internetrightsandprinciples.org/listinfo.cgi/irp-internetrightsandprinciples.org
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/internetrightsandprinciples
Coalition Chair: Lisa Horner – lisah (at) global (hyphen) partners (dot) co (dot) uk

Update Report, March 2010
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