Update Report, March 2010

The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition is working to uphold human rights on the internet and to root internet governance processes and systems in human rights standards. The dynamic coalition sets out to promote, and provide a space for, multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration.  We also aim to be an umbrella platform for facilitating collaboration […]

IRP Statement for the IGF Open Consultations, February 2010

Open Consultation IGF 2010 INTERNET RIGHTS & PRINCIPLES DYNAMIC COALITION Statement The comments below from the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition are our contribution to the Open Consultations for IGF 2010. Under each of the four themes below we take stock of IGF 2009 by offering practical suggestions for the format and planning of […]

IRPC Meeting – IGF 2009: Sharm el Sheikh

IRP Meeting – IGF 2009: Sharm el Sheikh
Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition Meeting
Internet Governance Forum, Sharm el Sheikh. 18th November 2009-12-17
The annual meeting of the Internet Rights and Principles (IRP) Dynamic Coalition was held at the 4th Internet Governance Forum in Sharm el Sheikh. Owing to organisational and scheduling issues in the wider Forum, the meeting was rescheduled to the early morning on a day when Forum participants had difficulty clearing security to get into the venue. A number of participants therefore did not make it to the meeting or arrived late. However, despite these issues, the meeting was still relatively well-attended and productive.
The meeting took the form of an informal and open discussion amongst participants. After a short presentation of the history of the coalition and projects undertaken over the course of the year, the discussion focused on the coalition’s work to build a Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet.

Rights and Internet Governance: IGF Hyderabad Workshop Reports

This report is a summary of the discussions and outcomes of two events focussing on human rights issues at the Internet Governance Forum in Hyderabad, December 2008:
Mainstreaming Rights in the Work of the IGF workshop (organised by Global Partners and Associates in partnership with the Internet Bill of Rights dynamic coalition)
Internet Bill of Rights dynamic coalition meeting.

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