The IRPC at IGF 2016, Mexico

The Internet Rights and Principles Coalition is be at the IGF 2016.
Whether you are in Mexico or participating remotely, please come and join us!
Wednesday 7 December, 10.45 – Workshop Room 10

The IRPC Meeting with Roundtable discussion co-organised by Amnesty International

When death threats go viral: defending human rights in the face of orchestrated harassment campaign on social media

The panel will be covering issues such as cyber harassment and other emerging forms of censorship, focusing particularly on the very concerning trend in Mexico, which is also emerging in other countries around the world. The panel will discuss how online service providers, regulators and civil society can manage these threats to ensure the protection of human rights online.
Thursday 8 December
13.50 –  Lightning Session Area

Lightning Session: Human Rights online – What has Internet Governance got to do with Refugees?

A 20-minute flash panel discussing strategies to foster inclusion, in line with IGF16’s main theme.
The session is a follow up on the discussion initiated at this year’s EuroDIG (Confronting the Digital Divide Workshop Sessions) and on the work of the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition and the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet,  seeks to take a focused and practical approach to apply human rights principles to existing discriminatory structures.
15.00 – Main Session Room

IGF Dynamic Coalitions Main Session: Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Through The Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet

The IRPC will be presenting the Charter Study Guide – a very important project developed by Syracuse University students in collaboration with the IRPC – for discussion and feedback.

The IRPC at IGF 2016, Mexico
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