IGF2016: IRPC Meeting with Amnesty International

“When death threats go viral: defending human rights in the face of orchestrated harassment campaign on social media” 

Day 2, Wednesday 7 December, 10.45

The panel will be covering issues such as cyber harassment and other emerging forms of censorship, focusing particularly on the very concerning trend in Mexico, which is also emerging in other countries around the world. The panel will discuss how online service providers, regulators and civil society can manage these threats to ensure the protection of human rights online.

  • Tanya O’Carroll, Amnesty International
  • Hanane Boujemi, IRPC
  • Paulina Gutierrez, Article 19
  • Amalia Toledo, Karisma Foundation
  • Twitter Representative, TBC
  • Marcel Leonardi, Google


  • Marianne Franklin

Remote Moderator: 

  • Hanane Boujemi

#netrights, #IGF2016
Sched link: http://sched.co/8htr

IGF2016: IRPC Meeting with Amnesty International
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