Defending Human Rights in a Digital Age – 26 February | Radical Media Forum

Thursday 26th February, 5.30 – 8.00PM.
Goldsmiths College, London.

This panel addresses the human rights implications for the future of the internet as struggles over its ownership and control gather steam at the national and international level.

This event is hosted by the Media & Communications department; co-organized by the Global Media and Transnational Communications MA Program, Media Forum, and Radical Media Forum.

EuroDIG 2014: Pockets of inspiration amid the protocol and formality

By Catherine Easton

The 7th European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) took place in Berlin in June 2014. The event’s overarching aim is to provide an open arena for inclusive dialogue between European stakeholders in order to develop best practice and raise awareness. So, how far did it go towards achieving its remit?

The German Federal Foreign Office provided the venue which, while impressive, may not have been the most conducive environment for relaxed, informal discussions. The divide between the conventional schedule and the energy of grassroots activism was very quickly demonstrated in glaringly stark terms through a dignified, powerful show of support for Snowden during the Federal Foreign Minister’s welcome address. The very next session in this “inclusive dialogue” was an open plenary with a sweepingly non-diverse membership of men in suits. This “manel” attracted a large amount of criticism both in the audience and on Twitter, and, again, showed a basic gap between the multistakeholderism repeatedly referred to by the panel and the reality of the power balance in a high-profile event.

IRP at EuroDIG 2013

Towards a Human Internet? Rules, Rights, and Responsibilities for Our Online Future
Thursday 20 June, 14.30

This workshop focuses on two multistakeholder initiatives that put human rights at the epicentre of internet governance agendas.

Eurodig 2013

A public planning meeting to discuss the submitted proposals for EuroDIG 2013 was held in Lisbon on Tuesday 29 January 2013.


The rise of the Internet is transforming the very foundations of society, offering possibilities for a more equal, democratic and prosperous world in which human rights are realized fully. The Internet enables communication, association, and access to information on a scale which is unparalleled in human history. This Charter aims to protect and expand the positive spirit and value of the Internet for the generations to come.

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