PUBLIC CONSULTATION – An African Declaration of Internet Rights and Freedoms

The Internet is bringing great things to Africa profoundly changing its infrastructure, society, economy and even politics. Across the continent, there are now critical questions being asked about how the internet environment can be cultivated to best meet the social and economic development needs and goals. Unfortunately, many political leaders across the continent seem to be learning from or replicating international worst practices in internet policy and practice and, in doing so, are harming this great opportunity.

Learning from the great work of the Internet Rights and Principles coalition, a group of civil society organisations are seeking to fight back against this trend through an African initiative towards an African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms. We are striving to bring together all those committed to building an enabling and empowering internet, which truly serves the needs of African citizens, in order to:
(1) Identify and define the principles which should form the basis for the Internet in Africa
(2) Encourage political and business leaders to commit to implementing these principles

In February 2014, these organisations met together in Johannesburg to develop a Draft African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms, but we know there were many important voices and perspectives that were not present at that meeting. And so we are now launching a wider public consultation – online and in meetings across the continent – to get as much input as possible into the principles, which should guide the development of the Internet across Africa.

The public consultation will be running from now until August 4, 2014. Please read and respond the the Draft Declaration at the following links:

PUBLIC CONSULTATION – An African Declaration of Internet Rights and Freedoms
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