My experience at the Sri Lankan IGF 2016

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi | Social activist / blogger | Member of the IRPC Steering Committee

Running around with the tag of social activist and blogger, I have realized people look at you from a different view but working towards changing society, it’s not always easy.
Being part of the national Sri Lankan IGF 2016 was indeed an inspiring opportunity. Its’ a great achievement not just from individual level but from the regional level. Asia is moving forward in terms of Internet governance process and its partnership which indeed shows the level of enthusiasm and excitement.
Sri Lankan IGF 2016 is an achievement for the whole team who successfully pulled the event with flying colors. Especially in Asia if you look at the internet governance process and development then you will see it very slow. Though internet has been passed on to us with better technology and facilities but when it comes to the working modality and policy there is a huge gap in what is written and what comes to action. Reality of today is the interpretation of meaning and definition are so intriguing that standardization has become a major challenge in terms of ICT development.
There are more opportunities where Asia seems to come up with greater possibilities of innovation and technology where it lacks core values and cooperation.
My experience at the Sri Lankan IGF 2016 was very exciting as it was my first online web presentation as a steering committee member of the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition. Personally I have participated in number of online events and contributed in number of research and coordinated with various stakeholder but this was something very different as I was personally related with the topic and its purpose.
My topic was segmented under online safety with the introduction of Freedom of Expression (FOE) and our online rights and principle.
During the presentation I was allotted 5 minutes where I mostly talked about the current trend of FOE in the first phase and in the second phase I talked about the roles and responsibilities of Internet Rights and Principles Coalition group (IRPC).
My presentation worked its way to why Asia is lacking behind in the internet governance process. There was not just problems raised but solution that were rational and cohesive in terms of finding the right people for the job.
I felt good as after the presentation one of the participants asked me about the process of translating the IPRC Charter in their own language. I feel proud that I was able to motivate the people. I think in Asia we certainly lack the approach and effort in terms of reaching the right people.
I guess that was my achievement to become a Steering Committee member to initiate and to raise awareness about the IRPC in Asia.
Asia needs standardization not in just terms of policy but it needs cooperation in terms of action. There is a huge gaps in saying we have human rights and making people feel they are empowered. I believe we need to reach the grassroots level and empower the local community in developing these core value where they can use the information and knowledge to fight against the vulnerabilities. The voice of Asia is not just the right of an individual but it’s a fight for DIGITAL EQUALITY in terms of internet governance process and its leadership.

My experience at the Sri Lankan IGF 2016
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