IGF2015 – João Pessoa, Brazil: Dynamic Coalitions’ Stocktaking Statement 

25th November 2015 

This year saw the first Main Sessions devoted to the activities and output of the IGF’s Dynamic Coalitions (DC). Those DCs who took part in the six months of preparatory meetings and the two Main Sessions would like to note the value of this new addition to the IGF Meeting program as a key channel to encourage collaboration and to engage more participants in their work.
We also support the commitment to innovative approaches and formats for presenting the range of work that the DCs have produced before, during, and immediately after the meeting. We applaud:

  • the implementation of the online consultative platform that opened up the DC work for view and inputs from the entire IGF Community;
  • the use of live interactive tools, like the “Idea Rating Sheets” (IRS), breakout groups, or other sorts of exercises in order to provide feedback on aspects of the DCs’ work in real time and afterwards;
  • the extension of access to the abovementioned IRS until 31 December in order to allow more time for feedback beyond the IGF Annual Meeting;
  • the space given for each participating DC to present their work for the record in a way relevant to their objectives; the linking of the DC Main Sessions with the Main Session on Human Rights

These stocktaking points come from the DC representatives directly engaged in the preparatory meetings and Main Session presentations. We will be taking these points to our respective coalitions for further discussion as we reflect on our activities for the coming year. We would like to offer the following suggestions for future planning:
A: Suggestions for future DC Main Sessions 
1) To have the DC presentations and discussion of their respective outputs integrated so that audience feedback could be directly related to the topic presented (i.e. DC Main Session takes place during one day). This facilitates substantive discussion that can be considered and integrated into the DC going forward.
2) If a DC Main Session is split into two parts again we have two suggestions:
a. The presentations and discussions could be spread evenly between the two sessions to provide fair and equal coverage for those DCs taking part, in such a way that an individual DC is able to both present and receive feedback at the same session. This ensures that the same audience is responding to the DC output on hand.
b. If there is to be an additional activity to engage participants more directly, such as a rating exercise or other sort of breakout group activity, that this is clearly related to the DCs’ respective output and goals and that feedback on specific DCs’ work be requested right after the presentation and discussion of the work.
3) To have DC representatives directly involved in the leadership of Main Session planning and coordination.

B: Looking Forward: The Role of the DCs in IGF Meetings and Inter-Sessional Work 
1) As we note above, we recommend that selected DC representatives be part of the leadership in planning and execution of activities where DC work is on the agenda.
2) As the IGF leadership commits to integrating DCs more into the IGF, we move for direct DC representation on the MAG; e.g. 2-3 elected representatives put forward by the DCs or an alternative that ensures representation of DCs’ diverse interests.
3) We also support the idea of a DC Coordination group, the members of which to be selected by democratic processes from within each DC. This group can communicate and coordinate between the Secretariat and DCs; based on current membership of DCs.
4) Looking ahead to the next IGF Annual Meeting, those DCs involved with this Main Session are working to organize a Workshop that will focus on knowledge exchange about each DC’s modus operandi; best practices and challenges.
5) DCs may also submit Workshop proposals that seek to identify areas of overlap, with a focus on where there is contention or diverse viewpoints, in order to bring the work of various DCs into conversation with each other.
Overall, the DC Main Sessions at the 2015 IGF meeting provided an invaluable opportunity to get a snapshot of the DC activities and output over the previous 10 years of the IGF.
We look forward to the opportunity to improve and discuss our work in the coming years and gain direct feedback on that work at the next meetings.
Signed by the DC Main Session Conveners of the;

  • Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values
  • Dynamic Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media Online
  • Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance
  • Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles
  • Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality
  • Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility
  • Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries
  • Youth Coalition on Internet Governance
 IGF2015 – João Pessoa, Brazil: Dynamic Coalitions’ Stocktaking Statement 
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