IRPC at IGF 2020

THE IRPC WAS AT IGF 2020:  2 – 6 NOVEMBER  | 9 – 17 NOVEMBER  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE INTERNET GOVERNANCE FORUM AT WWW.INTGOVFORUM.ORG CHECK  ALL THE  #IGF2020 SESSION RECORDINGS ONLINE    06 NOV 20, 13:10 UTC,  ROOM 1 IRPC MEETING: Sustainable Internet Governance & the Right to Development  This meeting continues the groundbreaking work drawing links between environmental sustainability and […]

IRPC Governance

IRPC Steering Committee (IRPC-SC) Elections: Process Procedure and Guidelines for Nominees:  Invite (self) nominations for both Co-Chair and Steering Committee Member. Each candidate provides a short profile statement to include a short bio as pertains to their intended role in the Coalition, as well as a short statement of how they will work towards the […]

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