Data Governance by AI: Putting Human Rights at Risk?

Wed, Nov 27 • 16.40 • Raum III

Organized by the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (@netrights) and Amnesty International Germany (@AmnestyTech), this high-level roundtable considers the intensifying debate about how the roll-out of artificial intelligence capabilities – particularly those that can forgo the need for human intervention – needs to be more clearly aligned with international human rights law, and legal standards. 

The principle that human rights exist online as they do offline (The Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet; UN Human Rights Council, A/HRC/32/L.20, 2014; Council of Europe 2014) has gained a wide consensus across stakeholder groups. R&D and recent legislation around the world have flagged the rise in interest by regulators, public institutions, and service providers to develop and deploy AI systems across a range of services, public and business. These policies are becoming prioirties in internet and data governance policy agends at the local governmental, national and international level. 

The session, invited speakers and those invited to present questions to the panelists, along with other interventions from the audience, will consider the relationship between AI and Human Rights in light of the question: What are the regulatory, technical, and ethical considerations for “Human Rights AI By Design”?

If you want to have your question considered as one posed to the panel, please send the question to info@irpcharter.orgwith the message heading “Question for WS282 IGF 2019” 


Renata Ávila, Executive Director, Ciudadanía Inteligente (Smart Citizens Foundation), Latin America @avilarenata
Markus Beeko, Secretary General, Amnesty International Germany @mnbeeko
Bashakha Datta, Point of View, India @busydot 
Katherine Getao, ICT Secretary, Kenyan Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology @ICTAuthorityKE 
Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor at DG JUSTICE, European Commission @paulnemitz Alex Walden, Free Expression and Human Rights @Google

Moderator: Marianne Franklin, IRPC/Goldsmiths University of London @GloComm
Remote Participaton Moderator: Sebastian Schweda, Amnesty International Germany @amnesty_deRapporteur: Minda MoreiraInternet Rights and Principles Coalition (IRPC) @mindabuzz

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