Forza Internet Rights: IRPC Charter as Source of Inspiration for Innovative Italian Declaration of Internet Rights

On 28 July 2015, Laura Boldrini, the speaker of Italy’s House of Deputies announced the publication of Italian Declaration of Internet Rights. She called it the “first time that a parliament produces a declaration on Internet rights of constitutional inspiration and international scope”. Drawn up in a multistakeholder process the drafting phase also included multiple drafts, the last of which was also discussed on the IRP list in March of this year.

David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression

“…The the use of encryption and anonymity tools and better digital literacy should be encouraged. Encryption and anonymity depend on their widespread adoption and I encourage states, civil society organizations, and corporations, to engage in a campaign to bring encryption by design and default to users around the world. And when necessary, to ensure that users at risk, be provided the tools that exercise their right to freedom of opinion and expression securely.”


Session 9: Freedom of Expression and Privacy, 4 March 2015; 9.30-10.50am.

This report hopefully captures the main themes and points for further discussion. An almost live transcript of the session can be found on the live blog link at Internet Rights and Principles Coalition website.

This panel considered the legal, technical, and political practicalities that emerge when the right to privacy and freedom of information are considered as interrelated; it discussed the differences in stakes, levels of action and of analysis at this intersection of fundamental freedoms online alongside their consequences in practical terms for ordinary internet users, content producers on the web, activists, and media professionals.