European net neutrality, at last?

LUCA BELLI and CHRISTOPHER T. MARSDEN 4 October 2016 – openDemocracy

Net neutrality is the principle mandating that internet traffic be managed in a non-discriminatory fashion, in order to fully safeguard internet users’ rights.

Starting from 30 August 2016, all EU and EEA members have finally obtained guidance on how to implement sound net neutrality provisions. The path has been tortuous and uneasy, starting from not neutrality, reaching an open Internet compromise and, finally, attaining net neutrality protections. In this article, we briefly recount how net neutrality evolved in Europe, and the significant progress achieved by the recently adopted net neutrality ‘Guidelines’.

My experience at the Sri Lankan IGF 2016

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi | Social activist / blogger | Member of the IRPC Steering Committee

Running around with the tag of social activist and blogger, I have realized people look at you from a different view but working towards changing society, it’s not always easy.

Being part of the national Sri Lankan IGF 2016 was indeed an inspiring opportunity. Its’ a great achievement not just from individual level but from the regional level. Asia is moving forward in terms of Internet governance process and its partnership which indeed shows the level of enthusiasm and excitement.