The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (IRPC) is an open network of individuals and organisations based at the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) committed to making the Internet work for human rights

Internet Rights and Principles Coalition at IGF2019 - Berlin, 25-29 November

Internet Futures and the Climate Crisis: Paths to Sustainability or Extinction?

IRPC Meeting  - Wed, Nov 27 • 11.30 • Estrel Saal B

As we look to connect the next billion the relationship between the recognition of emerging rights such as that of internet access, existing rights and the environmental burden internet-dependent technologies requires our attention. Internet access as a sustainable development goal (SDG) implies research into, and development of equipment, architectures and services that are environmentally sustainable in light of undertakings around the current climate crisis and the SDGs

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Data Governance by AI: Putting Human Rights at Risk?

WS #282 -  Wed, Nov 27 • 16.40 • Raum III

Organized by the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (@netrights) and Amnesty International Germany (@AmnestyTech), this high-level roundtable considers the intensifying debate about how the roll-out of artificial intelligence capabilities - particularly those that can forgo the need for human intervention - needs to be more clearly aligned with international human rights law, and legal standards.

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Joint efforts to achieve the SGDs

DCs Main Session -  Thu, Nov 28 • 16.30 • Main Hall

The work of the IGF’s Dynamic Coalitions (DCs), which each focusing on a particular Internet governance issue through a mix of multistakeholder discussion, research, analysis and activism, are well represented in the wide spectrum of policy areas covered by the Sustainable Development Goals. This meeting brings the different Dynamic Coalitions together in a joint effort to achieve the SDGs

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The Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet

The IRPC Charter  is a comprehensive framework anchored in international human rights law and  norms

1) Shared reference point for dialogue and cooperation 

2) An authoritative document for framing rights-based norms for the online environment

3) A policy-making and advocacy tool for promoting human rights-based internet governance processes

The Charter was launched in 2011 it is currently translated into 11 languages. Its 21 articles have been distilled into 10 broad principles and are available in 26 languages.


Getting Involved

The IRPC is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the work. To get more directly involved you are welcome to:

  • Join the IRPC Mailing list
  • Join the IRPC Facebook Group
  • Follow the IRPC on Twitter, @netrights; hashtag #netrights
  • Contact the IRPC Co-Chairs, or Steering Committee members (see ABOUT)
  • Attend any of the Internet Governance meetings in your area, or take part by Remote Participation. Information about these events is available on the IGF website, or  the IRP Coalition website

Alternatively, feel free to contact us at: info[at]


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